What’s the Closest…(aka What’s Around the BlogHer Hotel)

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We remember last year in New York, when we had no idea where to go for simple things around the BlogHer site hotel. Some of the questions we wish we had the answers to then are included here below. Now with answers! We hope they help.

I want to have breakfast outside the hotel.
Cafe 222 is a short walk from the hotel, and so is a joint called Richard Walker’s, and the always popular Broken Yolk.

Starbucks is about a block away at:
345 Market Street
San Diego, CA 92101

Keep in mind that cafes near the hotel almost always have a wait, so the earlier you get there, the better.

I want to have an affordable lunch outside the hotel.
If you want an affordable lunch, walk to the Horton Plaza food court. It’s about five city blocks from the hotel.
Other nearby places include the salad bar at Ralph’s Grocery Store (see below).

I’m a vegetarian. Any dining recommendations close to the hotel?
Yes, the Operacaffe is rumored to be delicious. You can walk there from the hotel and here’s the address:
835 4th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

I want to buy a couple snacks for my room. Is there a grocery store close by?
Yes! Ralph’s is a grocery store that is a short walk from the hotel.
The address is:
101 G St.
San Diego CA 92101

I’d like to buy wine and bring it to my hotel room.
OK! Go to Cost Plus, which has a nice selection of wines and is about two blocks from the hotel.
The address is:
372 4th Ave
(between K St & J St)
San Diego, CA 92101

I forgot my anti-depressant/vitamins/Ritalin/”ointment”. Is there a pharmacy nearby?
Yep, Ralph’s has one and CVS is at:
510 C St.
San Diego, CA 92101

I want to dress like Bettie Page. What can you do for me?
Um. OK.
Go here:
Bettie Page
430 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

And good luck with that.

I just want some quiet conversation “off-site.”
Seaport Village is practically right next door to the BlogHer site hotel. It’s a bay front path of shops, restaurants, and kiosks. There’s plenty of places to grab a coffee and sit and chat, or get a bite to eat away from the hub bub of the hotel. There’s also a large grassy area at Seaport Village where you can look at the water and unwind for a bit.

I don’t drink. Where do I go?
Make sure you check out BlogHer’s Serenity Suite. And also, here’s a list of AA meetings in San Diego. Click on the meetings marked “Downtown.”

I want to work out while I’m in town.
The Marriott has a fitness center, and the boardwalk outside the back of the hotel winds around the bay and is perfect for a run or speed walk. As for gyms, there’s a 24-Hour Fitness not too far, a posh San Diego Athletic Club, and also posh Pure Fitness. There are also nearby bike rentals, which would be a very San Diego-y thing to do.

I need to get some money. Where are the ATMs?
There are several nearby, including at Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Here’s a list of ATMs close to the hotel and their addresses.

What else would you like to know? Contact us at:



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  1. Any one know of a place for yoga near the hotel?

  2. This is a frickin’ rad list. all my questions have been answered. emailing it to myself so I can pull it up on my smartphone while I’m there.

  3. I would love to know of any beauty stores around the hotel. I have never seen an Ulta or Sally Beauty before. Is there any in San Diego?

    • Hi Kimmi-
      There are beauty supply stores in central San Diego, but not within walking distance of the hotel. There is a new MAC store close by, but not the type f store you’re asking about. Sorry! :(

      Mel, A Dramatic Mommy
      • Hi Mel,

        Thanks so much for the reply. That helps me heaps because I don’t think I will realistically have time to get to central SD, so I will do all my Sephora shopping Vegas the week before.

        A MAC store will do me fine though!

        Thanks again :)

  4. This is fantastic. Especially as my husband will be spending some of his daylight hours traipsing around, I know he will find this useful. And yay wine!

    His question: bars. (I haven’t read in a couple of weeks due to crazy work schedules, so you may have already covered it. But I know we’ll want to check one out together on Wednesday night. Or more than one. You know.)

    • We had our local ambassador of Downtown write a post, but it’s not just about bars. Here it is:


      Personally, if you like an 80’s flashback on a higher end level, try Analog bar. They have $2 (or something close) burgers on Happy Hour. They’re kind of an oversized slider but they’re $2 and the Portabello mushroom is to die for. And I’m not a vegetarian. They menus are in Peechie folders, the music is awesome, and you’ll just get a kick out of the whole vibe. Then walk over to Syrah Wine Parlor (Vin de Syrah) for some drinks. The decor in there is off the hook. Just beware, you might not be able to find the door…. :)

      I should write a post about that!

      La Jolla Mom
  5. Any playgrounds near the hotel?

    • Hi Kim- Yes there’s a play space near the hotel. Post going up shortly!

      Mel, A Dramatic Mommy
      • Awesome. I also read that the Marriott had a play area on site for kiddos. Anyone spied it?

  6. Thank you! I’m bookmarking this so I can find it again once I’m in SD! Can’t wait~ it all looks & sounds fabulous!

  7. Thanks for covering the necessities. It is wonderful to have a local’s view point for the weekend.

  8. Bettie Page, huh? Well I wasn’t considering it before, but maybe I should now, hehe. 😛 Awesome tips. I saved this in my email so I can pull it up later. I know I’ll need to use a few of those resources.

  9. Great list! Very helpful. I’ll be looking for adventures to do with LilF in the evenings while Greeblemonkey is visiting all the great people at this gig and this gives us a place to start our search. Watch out San Diego! The Pirate Frogs will be shivering ye timbers! Let us know if ye care to join our motley crew!

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